The Big Clash Final, Season Six (Credit: The Big Clash)

It was a night to remember and one that that took over all the senses.  Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell were all appealed to with mouth watering cuisines.

Home for the night to The Big Clash Final’s sixth series, south London’s Elephant & Castle Coronet, showcased a performance of a different kind.  With dance, games and quizzes, the show was of a different kind (though some pantomime villains dared to show their faces!)

De Montfort, Aston, Nottingham Trent and Northampton Universities made up the four teams that represented the finest, cream of the crop from across the UK that reached this grand occasion.

Sounds were live and in effect from the get go, with DJ DNA blasting out Afrobeats, Caribbean beats, slow jams and R&B.

Dance steps had our eyes transfixed on the stage, where throughout the night there was nothing but skills, fun, games, dancing and laughter.  The techniques presented by each team was something on another level – some even taking things sky high.

Our taste buds were appeased by the delights brought out by Temi’s Kitchen, providing authentic tastes of Africa.  The finesse of jellof rice, alongside scents of seasoned chicken and sweet plantain were enough to take you back to the motherland in a single mouthful.

The atmosphere was so intense, so electric that it could be felt in the palms of your hands, right down to the souls of your feet.

Overall it was all about the talent and skills of working together as a team and representing dance technique that won Nottingham Trent the title.  Skill, talent and nothing less brought them the win.

In life it’s good to know that you either win together or grow together, coming back stronger next time.

Until then…

The Big Clash