The name says it all. Africa Utopia. This diverse exhibition provided a place of idyllic paradise, catering to appetites that were ready to escape into sounds, sights and tastes from the Motherland spread across five-day event.

The Southbank Centre in London was host to wide array of stalls and produce, all inspired by a range countries and cultures from Africa. Everything from books and stationery, clothing and cakes, accessories and action men, toys and treasures, cookery classes – and of course food – were all on show for the masses.

Performances were also on show with drama presentation, Mandela Trilogy and spoken poetry one of the key performances came from the Chineke Junior Orchestra. Aged between nine to 18 years old, strings, flutes and drums came together to create a performance that captivated the audience both young and old.

The cookery class saw a clash of the jellofs, where Nigeria and Ghana were among a range of catering entrepreneurs who presented dishes from their native nations. Other dishes came from Eritrea and the Gambia, with spices lambs and sweet honey wine through to fresh, sweet and pure health drinks that are fused with natural goodness from the Motherland.

Outside the Centre, a wide array of stall created a wealth of warm flavours, with savoury snacks, healthy and vegan food, simmering stews all called for attention and provided a taste of delight.

Here’s looking ahead to the next event for another exceptional hit of Utopia.

Africa Utopia