The National Museum of African American History & Culture opened its doors in late September 2016. A wealth of well known names and faces were present to commemorate this poignant occasions with the likes of Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey present as well as the US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Plans for the building, designed by the British architect David Adjaye, was first initiated in 2003.

The President’s words shone a light on the longevity that he hopes the venue will have; describing how he would like to visit in the future with is grandchildren. With the following weeks bringing celebrations of Black History Month around the world, the timing for the launch of this prestigious museum couldn’t have been more relevant.

As the UK commences with celebrations for Black History Month, time is taken time to remember the heritage, experiences and knowledge that has paved the way for the future occasions – both past and present. The saying, ‘never forget where you’re coming’ from comes to mind as does the call that beckons, ‘onwards and upwards’.