Black Chronicles

A taster of heritage and culture are present at The National Portrait.  Black Chronicles showcases people of Black and African origin from several walks of life.

Famous Faces

Spaced across three rooms in the gallery, portraits of personalities portray the breadth of talent and personal journeys experienced by people such as Peter Jackson, a boxer who was born in the Caribbean and emigrated to Australia where his boxing career began.

A group of South African artists know as The Africa Choir are pictured across the walls.  Established in the 19th century, this 12-piece group have performed in the UK as well as in their home country, where they initially honed their skills.  Their experiences were documented in a British magazine, providing more insight into their life, work and travels.

Familiar faces, such as Mary Seacole and Sarah Forbes Bonetta and appear, alongside new personalities from Africa as well as South Asia.

Open until 11th December 2016, the exhibition coincides with an array of programmes on BBC 2 entitled Black & British.

Black Chronicles